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You’ve heard the expression, this is the stuff of nightmares …

You have no idea.


The reptilians, the grays and their overlords have had enough with the humans. Their plans and agenda have been forestalled, and now they must go to extreme measures to get back on their timetable.


The Solar Warden team is targeted like never before. New, almost invulnerable enemy craft create dangerous challenges across the fleet with deadly results. A new alien threat, just as impervious and wickedly devious, sets its sights on Scarecrow and anyone who gets in its way–friends and loved ones are not immune. Nothing in the Solar Warden arsenal can defend against this new, supernatural threat. Scarecrow and his comrades must hope they can enlist the aid of a supernatural ally of their own in time.


Book Four is a scare-fest that will have you checking under your bed and in your closet for monsters too hideous and evil to describe. There’s only one way for the Solar Warden team to confront this new threat, and they watch their comrades succumb one by one to its diabolical assaults while searching for a means to neutralize it. Time is running out …

“I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and hoped for a second. Happily read the second in one sitting, and hoped for more. The third book continued the themes and I saw the characters grow and was another great read. So thankful that there was another book in the series; bittersweet to read, but just as engaging as the rest.”

Major Teresa Drag, USMC (retired)

"Jaw droppingly original premise. Never have I read a sci fi military story like this."

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