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Just when you thought there was a light at the end of the tunnel …

Think again.


A ticking time bomb, an enemy that will stop at nothing, untested technology and a spy who targets Solar Warden in a way they never imagined. Earth faces unprecedented dangers and challenges as the reptilians and grays change their tactics and up the ante to a threat level never before experienced.

Newly promoted Lieutenant Colonel Richardson harbors a dark secret Scarecrow is intent on discovering. Meanwhile, the Solar Warden team is hoping the detection of a damaged enemy vessel will lead them to the source of recent, lethal attacks. The discovery of alien intel points the humans to a surprise none expected, while the entire Solar Warden team is left reeling at the sudden death of a beloved comrade.

Book Three continues Peter Fuller’s Solar Warden saga with alien wolf packs harassing the human fleet with deadly results. Scarecrow and his comrades retaliate as they discover the true nature of their enemy. There will be no capitulation, no treaty, no quarter. Evil has taken a new form ...


"Peter Fuller uses real research and data when creating this Solar Warden Series. He ties facts and incredible action, fantasy and sci fi together and information from real ex USAF and Navy Personnel to bring you a series on the Secret Space Program which is very needed in this important time of awakening and disclosure."

Robert Kalil ( Typical Skeptic Podcast )

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