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The H.A.R.N.E.S. body armor or "Human Augmented Robotic Nano Exo-Skeleton," is a sophisticated tactical defensive system.  It incorporates a series of plates modelled after its medieval prototype, designed to encase the entire body.  However, each individual component plate is constructed of a composite of diamondoid, with the underside lined with aerogel and then graphene.   This amalgamation forms a highly dense, yet conductive material that emits an electromagnetic charge equivalent to the shield canopy on the various Solar Warden assets, whether it be spacecraft or ground-based facilities.  The shield generator is incorporated into a small backpack which also contains a personal zero-point energy collector that powers the entire system. 

Thus, the body armor presents a dual protective matrix.  If the electromagnetic shield fails, the physical armor plate is still an effective system and will continue to offer protection to the wearer.  Each plate is also melded with the wearer’s own electromagnetic field which is integral to their body, and augments their natural muscular system, increasing their own inherent strength.  The plates of the body armor matrix are joined to each other by a composite fabric comprising a network of carbon nanotubes containing robotic nanites, who work in concert to adjust the shield intensity on any given defensive plate.  If a particular plate is struck by weapons fire, the nanites transfer power and increase the intensity and strength of the electromagnetic shield to that individual armor plate. 

The nanites also act as microscopic repair drones, moving to damaged areas and restoring the armor to optimum condition.  They link with the wearer’s own nervous system via sensors on the inside of the armor plates, and anticipate motion in the limbs, then increase the electrical impulse to the muscles in order to augment the wearer’s movement. The system also incorporates a tactical "HUD" display called "V.I.S.O.R.", or "Visual Interface System, Ocular Readout," and "T.A.P.S," or "Tactical Audio Protection System."

The entire system is highly compact and form fitting, and while it still presents as body armor, it is not bulky, nor does it restrict movement in any way.  On the contrary, the H.A.R.N.E.S. system increases mobility and strength thus allowing the wearer to accomplish movement and physical tasks that would be impossible under normal conditions.

When the armor is put on and the system is activated, the wearer feels not only an increase in strength, but also in the electromagnetic field within their body, much like a mild surge of adrenaline.  The soldiers serving in Solar Warden and Earth Defense Force have come to refer to this sensation as the H.A.R.N.E.S. "armor rush." 

Solar Warden Two - Chapter Thirty -Six


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