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Everybody knows the story. In September of 1961, Barney and Betty Hill are travelling home to Portsmouth New Hampshire after vacationing in Canada. Around 10:30 in the evening of September 19th, Betty noticed a star that appeared to be following them as they made their way along U.S. Route 3.

The rest is history. Under hypnosis, the Hills claimed the star was in fact a flying saucer, and that they were abducted by small aliens with large heads and big eyes, and were taken aboard the craft where they were subjected to medical examination. This included the insertion of a large needle into Betty’s navel. The entity performing the procedure told her it was a “pregnancy test.”

In 1966, John G. Fuller wrote his book, “Interrupted Journey,” which outlined the entire encounter. And although there were earlier reported alien abductions, the Betty and Barney Hill case was the first to be recounted publicly and gain a wide audience.

While there were (and still are) many who believe their report as true, there are also many skeptics. The skeptics say that those who claim to have experienced an alien abduction are actually hallucinating, or that they’re experiencing a phenomenon known as “Sleep paralysis” (they state that Betty’s pregnancy test is too primitive for a species advanced enough to achieve interstellar travel). They also go as far as to say that many alien abductees are lying, and are simply looking for notoriety or financial gain. To the latter argument, I turn to the words of the late Dr. John Mack, former head of Harvard Medicine –

“The idea that men, women and children can be taken against their wills, from their homes, cars and school yards by strange humanoid beings, lifted onto a spacecraft, and subjected to intrusive and threatening procedures is so terrifying and yet so shattering to our notions of what is possible in our universe, that the actuality of the phenomenon has been largely rejected out of hand or bizarrely distorted in most media accounts. This is altogether understandable given the disturbing nature of UFO abductions and our prevailing notions of reality. The fact remains, however, that for 30 years, and possibly longer, thousands of individuals who seem to be sincere and of sound mind, and who are seeking no personal benefit from their stories, have been providing to those who will listen, consistent reports of precisely such events.”

Dr. Mack makes a compelling case that should send a shiver up our spines. His numbers are a bit skewed, however. These abductions have actually been taking place for more than 70 years, and the total number of abductees are much higher than a few thousand. A 1996 poll conducted by psychologist Stuart Appelle indicated that up to 6% of Americans claim to have experienced an alien abduction. That’s a staggering 16,000,000 people! Worldwide, the number would be much higher. As the Apostle Paul said in Acts 26:26, “… this thing was not done in a corner.”

So what does this say about the phenomenon itself? Is it all just hallucinations? Sleep paralysis? Is it space aliens from another star system here to conduct experiments on us unsuspecting humans? I don’t think so. There’s something to this that has not been considered by most believers and skeptics alike. I’m convinced alien abduction researcher, the Late Bud Hopkins, hit the nail on the head when he stated –

“The entire UFO phenomenon covers a 180 degree spectrum. It is at once both physical and paranormal.”

The secular researchers deny the paranormal aspect of the phenomenon and hold to the ETH (extraterrestrial hypothesis). The Christians claim the phenomenon is demonic (strictly spiritual) in nature. I think they’re both wrong. As Bud Hopkins said, there are elements of both in the experiences of abductees – physical and paranormal. The UFOs are physical objects. They can be seen by the naked eye, they can be photographed, they are tracked on radar as physical objects – sometimes on multiple radars at once. They bend and break tree branches when they descend, and they leave indentations on the ground as well as unusual radiation residue and other similar phenomenon. If they are nothing more than demonic spirits (the “powers of the air”), the flaw with that position is found in the Bible, where demons are described as disembodied spirits who cannot manifest themselves physically, and can only interact within our physical plane of existence through direct possession of a human being.

As for the abductees, marks are left on their bodies after an abduction experience, and implants are left inside their bodies as well. Some of these implants have been removed and studied by renowned experts, who have reported that the implants contain elements not found on earth. An excellent film to watch about this is Jeremy Corbell’s film, “Patient 17.”

However, abductees also report such phenomenon as telepathy, levitation, and the alien’s ability to pass through walls and other solid objects. Many researchers have concluded that these aliens are actually from another dimension, and this somehow gives them their paranormal abilities. Perhaps. But UFO researchers like Jacques Vallee, John Keel and Nick Redfern postulate that the alien abduction experiences of today are eerily similar to the demonic activity of the Middle Ages, and they go as far as to suggest a connection. But demons can’t manifest themselves physically. No, but the Bible does mention that angels – spiritual beings – can, and this includes fallen angels as well.

The problem with this phenomenon is that it contains elements that are so bizarre, researchers have described it as “High Strangeness.” So much of it makes no sense to us feeble humans.

It’s my contention that there is a real phenomenon taking place, the likes of which contain physical and paranormal aspects, the purpose of which is to deceive and mislead. Space aliens? No. Demons? Probably not. Instead, there is a program in place by unknown entities that can manipulate the physical and the spiritual. Their agenda is clouded by confusion, misdirection, and deception. No one knows for sure what they are up to, but it’s my belief that the abductions are real, and based on the horror stories than many abductees tell, these entities – whoever or whatever they are – are up to no good. The late Dr. Karla Turner put it this way –

“Before we allow ourselves to believe in the benevolence of the alien interaction we should ask, do enlightened beings need to use the cover of night to perform good deeds? Do they need to paralyze us and render us helpless to resist? Do angels need to steal our fetuses? Do they need to manipulate our children’s genitals and probe our rectums? Are fear, pain, and deception consistent with high spiritual motives?”

So the next time someone tries to tell you they were abducted by aliens, don’t laugh at them. Instead, be thankful you were not chosen for such a horrific experience.

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