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Updated: Nov 24, 2022

I’ve spent the last six years researching Solar Warden for my novel series, and in that time, I’ve discovered that the secret space program has developed a life of its own. From the moment I saw the “Hangar 1: UFO Files” program on television, it was obvious there was a much bigger story here than what I had initially expected.

As I poured over websites, books and articles, I discovered that Solar Warden encompasses a mythology that rivals that of any culture in the history of the world. Read the Iliad and the Odyssey–Solar Warden has it beat. Read 1001 Arabian Nights. There’s more in Solar Warden than in all the adventures of Sinbad the sailor. More than Lord of the Rings, or any other tales of mythology you can think of. And the surprising part is, the more information comes to light, the more one actually thinks it may all be true.

Within this mythology are stories such as the Nazi development of flying saucers during WWII, the Roswell UFO crash in 1947, President Truman’s founding of the CIA and the National Security Act barely three months later, not to mention the establishment of Majestic 12. It goes on from there to include President Eisenhower’s meeting with the small gray aliens at Muroc Air Base in February of 1954, then at Holloman Air Base in 1955. It grows into a story that would fill a book. Actually, six books, and then some. There’s no way I can include everything about Solar Warden in my novel series, but I include as much detail from this mythology as I can. And the interesting thing is, I’m discovering new elements almost every day.

A lot of information comes in the form of stories told by so-called whistleblowers. So-called, because all of their evidence is nothing more than anecdotal–none of them have been able to provide any hard proof to back up their claims. As a result, many of them cannot be taken too seriously. Their stories are just that–stories. Like the Arabian Nights or Lord of the Rings.

But there is much more evidence from others who have been able to provide proof of their claims. There is documented evidence that the Nazis were experimenting with antigravity “flying saucers” at the end of the Second World War (read the book, “Hitler’s Flying Saucers” by Henry Stevens). The scientists that worked on those projects were brought to the United States after the war through Project Paperclip and continued their research at White Sands in New Mexico. Again, this is documented fact. Werner Von Braun was one of those scientists, who became the head of NASA. The Saturn V rocket that took men to the moon was a direct descendant of the V2 that Von Braun had developed for the Nazis.

There are also men like Mark McCandlish and his “Fluxliner,” an antigravity, saucer-like craft developed by the black project elements of the military. McCandlish actually has photographs of the Fluxliner in flight. Then there is T. Thomas Brown and Dr. Paul Biefeld, who developed a form of antigravity called “electrogravitics” as far back as the 1950s. Physicist Dr. Paul LaViolette claims that electrogravitics is part of the propulsion system of the B-2 stealth bomber. I’ve seen video of the cockpit of the B-2 in flight, where the display for the electrogravitics system can be clearly seen. If the B-2 uses a form of antigravity, it’s not too difficult to assume there are other, top secret military craft using it as well, such as the famous TR-3B.

Then there is the late Ben Rich, former head of Lockheed Skunkworks, who made several statements shortly before his death in 1995, all alluding to the fact that there is indeed a faction of the U.S. government that has developed and is using advanced technology, including antigravity propulsion. As head of Lockheed Skunkworks, if anyone would know, Ben Rich should. There are plenty of others. Physicist Dr. Thomas Valone has been working with electrogravitics for years, and has also worked on developing a means of collecting zero point energy. Physicist Dr. Hal Puthoff has produced a paper describing inertia as a zero point field Lorenz force which can be shielded. If inertial mass can be shielded, then faster-than-light speeds are achievable.

Because of a FOIA request by Senator John McCain before his death, numerous documents were released that contained articles referring to antigravity propulsion, directed energy weapons, signal non-locality, cloaking technology, selected memory-wiping and much more. All of which is being studied and developed by various departments of the Pentagon and DARPA, among others. What was once only found in the realm of science fiction is now on the cusp of science reality. And the mythology of Solar Warden claims that all of this and more was developed and utilized by the military industrial complex over 50 years ago.

In some of my reviews, I have been accused of drawing on numerous film and television sources for much of my story. One reviewer wrote – “The plot of his Earth-versus-aliens adventure mashes together elements familiar from many blockbuster movies and novels …” Not so. I purposely avoided any sources other than the Solar Warden mythology I discovered during my research. With regards to the alien/UFO elements of my story, again I drew only on the existing mythology of that aspect of the story.

So, is there a fleet of large, cigar-shaped space carriers that utilize squadrons of black, triangular antigravity fighters to defend earth from an alien threat? There are hints that yes, it might be so, but the evidence is still too thin. Gary McKinnon claims he found evidence when he hacked into Pentagon and NASA computers almost 20 years ago, which is where the title “Solar Warden” came from, but he too had no hard evidence. The only evidence was how hard the U. S. government went after him in order to try him for what they called the "biggest computer hack in U.S. history," then dropped all charges when they realized they would have to disclose classified information in open court.

What we’re left with is many more questions than answers, which is typical of the entire UFO phenomenon, of which Solar Warden is a part. That’s how mythology works. It doesn’t provide you with enough information–enough evidence–to make a definitive conclusion about its reality. It leaves you to make a subjective decision as to whether you believe it’s true or not. In legal terms, there’s not enough hard evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it does exist.

And that’s why novels like mine are so much fun. They allow you to sit back, stare into the ether and ponder,

“What if?”

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